Monday, July 28, 2008

my trip to the ER

so, i've had this mysterious pain in my side since june, and on thursday i finally made a visit to the emergency room to deal with it once and for all. ej and i arrived there at 5:30 am and were there all day. i got to wear a very attractive gown

and some nice woman fed me vicodin for the pain. in between bouts of drowsiness, i finally figured out that their mod-looking coat rack was actually for iv's.
just when i thought i was oh so worldly. and i mustn't forget that there were also two pelvic exams, one internal pelvic sonogram, and for the grand finale, a rectal exam. i felt as if i'd been abducted onto a spaceship.

turns out i have a dermoid cyst on my right ovary. it's also known as a germ cell tumor. today, i go back to the hospital to have the cyst, and most likely my ovary removed. i've never been under anesthesia or had surgery of any sort, so it should be an adventure. i'm taking my camera, of course.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

pasta burritos...

yesterday, i had an audition in soho for a radio show. in the lobby of the building, the security guard asked for my name and she instantly knew how to spell "Holguin". this is very unusual. she said she once knew someone from ecuador with the same name. and that the grandfather of that family was from italy. no wonder why part of me felt as if i were returning to the motherland when i was in italy.