Friday, May 8, 2009

starting the day with doctors

waiting for the doctor with my list of questions.

it's been a while. too long, perhaps. i just didn't have it in me. i had no urge to create, no desire to share, but in the last few days i've felt that old need to go public again...must be spring...thank goodness that emotional rollercoaster seems to be evening out.

this morning, i had my first check up with my oncologist. these will be happening every three months and consist of a pelvic exam and a blood draw. occasionally, a ct scan. i don't know why it's taken so long for this to sink in, but this morning i finally realized that my oncologist really isn't interested in any physical symptom that doesn't directly relate to cancer.

"my eyebrows grew in, but now they seem to be thinning out again. is that a sign of something?"
"well, they look good to me. i don't think it's anything."

"hot flashes. they're still going strong."
"i can prescribe ambien to help you sleep. or paxil. it's usually for depression and anxiety, but for some reason it seems to cut down on hot flashes."
"no, thank you."
"oh, that's right, you don't like to take drugs."

"this joint pain that started after chemo is still with me. would something like glucosamine or tumeric help?"
"well, chemo related joint pain is rare. (psst, it's not.) you can take motrin or something like that or, if you want, i can refer you to a rheumatoid doctor." the other doctor joked, "you probably know more about that stuff than we do."