Saturday, August 15, 2009

2 out of 3 ain't bad, but it ain't good either

so, this past week i had a brain mri and a ct scan of my torso to see where we were with this whole cancer thing. yesterday, ej, my family, and i met with my oncologist for the results. he started with the good news, "we found nothing in your brain." i had to laugh, but he didn't think it was funny. my lungs seem to be fine too. great! unfortunately, the cancer has been very busy growing in my liver. mr. oncologist refers to it as a tumor singular, but really, it's multiple growths.

this coming week we find out if radiation is a possibility. a change of chemo drugs is another possibility. and there's also some cutting edge mri/ultrasound procedure
in boston that i may be a candidate for.

i need to take a break now. i'll try and blog a little more often than once a month. xoxo


Shane Barnes said...

Cutting edge. We like that. You're doin' great, Lady, hang in there.

Cindy T. said...

Hey -- 2 out of 3 is waayyy better than 0 out of 3. I'm so happy to hear that there was some good news after all the "treatment" you've been through! Yee-haw! Ya-hoo! (You rest... I'll be excited for you!) :)
Besos amiga!
As my dad would say... The train is headed in the right direction!

Anonymous said...

Stay really does help. You're a tough chick, you'll beat this. I'm with ya on the "nothing in your brain" comment...that's Sandra humor. :-)

Anonymous said...

"we found nothing in your brain," that was funny! sending you love, positive energy, hugs, kisses and sweet potato pie! Kish~

nat said...

Damned insidious cancer - but I'm glad that it hasn't spread outside of your abdomen.

I am a strong believer in getting additional gyne/onc opinions - just to see what others might recommend.

Good luck!

stormchaser said...

Hey Chica -- I'm sending you mucho positive thoughts! ("nothing in your brain"...hysterical!). Here's an interesting article I came across:

Love to ya! Lori

stormchaser said...

Here's the link again:

malia cote` said... friend in Andover, Mass., has a friend who was just diagnosed in stage 4, has already undergone hysterectomy & her onc. said Boston has the most reputable & progressive facilities & procedures along with one in Dallas, in the country. Don't be reticent about making the move, go for the experimental, you can take it.. you know you can. Everyone's body responds differently, you have a strong immune system obviously. Move with the opportunites. You're meant to get through this & there are breakthoughs happening constantly. Love you, Malia xoxoxo

ayumi said...

hang in there Sandra! You're going to beat it very soon. eat well and don't forget to smile :)

Ray Mendoza said...


"we found nothing in your brain." i had to laugh, but he didn't think it was funny.

This, and your reaction to it, may be one of the funniest things that I've ever read. You are so profoundly strong. I am inspired following your blog.
And, I am grateful that you keep writing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, keep writing keeps us close to you. :)