Saturday, August 16, 2008

the visuals

when i was in the hospital, i was not taking photos at my usual obsessed rate. i actually turned the camera off during surgeries and other unattractive procedures. here are a few that i managed to snap in my more lucid moments.

day 1: i had no idea what was awaiting me.

i let my hair down. i was figuring this hospital business was a piece of cake.

the support crew enjoying some daytime television.

self-portrait #1: hair tied with gauze, the Fountain Look.

mama crashes at home.

self-portrait #2: wandering the hallway of the 8th floor

one of my many beds.

the exciting view from that bed.

if you stood near the window and leaned toward the right, you could see manhattan.

daytime drama

dear sweet gypsy visits.

self-portrait #3: don't let this happen to you.

there are always calls to be made.

breakfast in my fancy single room.

even a window-washer visited me.

self-portrait #4: puppy love

debating on blogging about the food.

exhaustion was rampant.

but the support team was always ready with a smile.

dear david visited me from the far away island of manhattan.

and harry was a ray of sunshine. he was very excited to read the menu from five guys burgers.

ej's mom, hanna, was a godsend.

here she is as flower arranger in my bathroom.

the bobsey twins.

if you stood near the window and leaned toward the left, you could see the brooklyn waterfront and nyc's first ikea store.

self-portrait #5: when can i go home?

the nurses' station on the cancer floor.

my last day in the hospital! i was hooked up for my first round of chemo, but a girl's gotta eat.

dr. weinreb came to see me! he performed my first two surgeries. he's one of my favorites.

there was some sort of hullaballoo right before my first surgery. it was the middle of the night, i hadn't eaten since midnight the night before, i was waiting outside the operating room when it became apparent that someone wanted my surgery postponed until morning. dr. weinreb vehemently argued on my behalf and because of that, i was able to start this whole process that much sooner.

i may not have been smiling when he first told me i have cancer, but all the other times i saw him he made me laugh.

side view of some of the surgical handiwork. the smaller taped area is where they removed the tumor and my right ovary. the larger gauze is covering the incisions for the lung biopsies.

the alpha and the omega of my team of doctors: dr. yunayev. this is the person i met the very first time i entered the er and this is the last doctor i saw before i left the hospital. he constantly kept tabs on me no matter what floor i was transferred to, was present for my first two surgeries, gave me hugs, encouragement, listened to what i had to say, and one night, personally delivered a gorgeous cheeseburger, cajun fries, and coke to me just to help me feel a little more human. needless to say, i'm a big, big fan.

my first cycle of chemotherapy. when i was done with this, i went home! see how easy?

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G said...

Uh...I thought MY SUMMER VACATION was a eventful. Mine was nothing compared to your stay at Chez Hospital. We're all praying for a speedy "get thru" on this Sandra. Know that people want to see you well and be there for you. Let them. You deserve it. Kisses and love from New Jersey, Gina, Steve & Mario G.