Tuesday, November 4, 2008

eyebrows for obama

today i voted.

it felt like a special occasion, not because i was voting, but because i was voting for obama. i decided to wear my wig. the first time since the day i got it. and heck, if i was going to break out the wig, then i may as well apply a little eyeliner. and a little color on my lips. and draw myself some eyebrows. i felt a tad groucho marx, but ej said they looked normal.

waiting in line, we looked more confused than we actually were.

the People wait outside.

the People wait inside.

the moment arrives!

dazed with the afterglow of voting.


Erin said...

I went to vote at 5 o'clock and finished at 5:12 - no lines for me!! And you are soooo darn cute with that wig! Love ya!

Kris said...

WAY cute with the hair, the eyebrows and the cap! Way to show the world who you are!