Saturday, November 22, 2008

mug shot

so yesterday, i got a letter from the california dmv saying that it's time to renew my driver's license. the good news is that i get to retake my photo. i had shown up for that last renewal thinking that my hair was finally going to be just right. i had spent a fair amount of time working hard to make my hair look free and easy, naturally curly without being too wacky. when i received the license in the mail, i was disappointed to see that my giant moon face was surrounded by an unbecoming 'fro that was smashed on one side.

the bad news about the upcoming renewal is that i'll be bald for the new photo.


Anonymous said...

..Wait..I don't get the timeline on that photo..I haven't seen your hair that length since somewhere between the 4 th & 6th grade..
But..your smile & your photogenic nature defy any
not so perfect hair day. Hence why you, Josie Besette the skinny blonde from Melrose Place, Sinead O'Connor & Demi Moore are the only 5 women to look equally as pretty with or without hair.
La belleza de una mujer no se queda en su rostro, su cabello ni sus labios.. pero mas en su abrazo y la memoria de todo que representa su nombre.
Mi dicho
Malia xo

Geneva said...

What? They still let you drive in California? YIKES!

MCote` said...

Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, since the fires & the state budget is so bad, you cannot drive in California now if you wear glasses.
Something about liability.
In Newport you can't drive if you're female unless your teeth are veneered. Any slight appearance of male pattern balding prohibits driving in a convertible.

Kris said...

Go bald and proud or wear that alter-ego wig - that'll throw the CA CHP when next you drive in CA. Of course, drive is a relative term considering traffic conditions. Besides, with your megawatt smile, hair is a moot point! xo, K