Thursday, December 11, 2008

playing the waiting game

i spent this evening organizing my small mountain of pending hospital bills. this made me sleepy and grouchy.

i wish it were snowing instead of raining.

i ate too much at lunch.
all by myself, i finished off a pizza the size of a steering wheel.

we have heard evidence of another, um, rodent. in the pre-dawn hours, it was making a racket in our ceiling right above the metal plate that holds our light fixture. now our light doesn't work. tomorrow the exterminator comes. i hope he's bringing an electrician.

ok. i'm done complaining for the moment.
i think i'm nervous about tomorrow. no photos for that.


Kris said...

Ah, the scan waiting game/dance. It pretty much happens every time to most women I know. It's a good time to practice following your breath as you picture your insides clean and clear, and happy.

Shane said...

If all else fails try reflecting every now and then upon David Brent singing "Freelove Freeway" in The Office. That's certain to give ya' a good laugh, if only for a moment.