Friday, December 12, 2008


today i got the status of how the cancer responded to treatment.

very well, thank you.

my lungs, my abdomen, and the rest of my body are clear. my doctor did remind me that this doesn't guarantee that there aren't teeny tiny cancer cells that don't show up in scans, but he was very pleased with the results. he was witness to the lung biopsy i had in august, and he said there were quite a few nodules hanging out in both lungs, and now there are none. there is still work to be done as far as making sure that cancer's ass is properly kicked, but for now, we celebrate.

i don't know what you were all so worried about.
i knew it was going to be fine.

thanks to all my friends, family, and the kind strangers who have reached out and held me up for the past six months. whaddya doin' next year?

ps: hysterectomy jan 27.


Timothy said...

thats F***ing beautiful Sandra!!

Cindy T. said...

Oh, that is FABULOUS NEWS! I am so happy! :) Yeahhhhh! Way to kick some ass girl!

I can't wait to celebrate with you at Christmas, and touch your fuzzy head! :) (Or, are you keeping the bald look? That's ok too-- just as long as your beautiful smiling face is under it!)

Anyway, congratulations!!!!! I love you and I'm so happy happy happy that all those needles and ichy nights were worth it!
Celebrate BIG! even though there's more to do --- this is HUGE!
Yeahhhhhh! xoxoxoxo

Shane said...


Kevin Aguirre said...

Yeah! Let's eat!

Sistah D said...

Seester, you're my heeeero! I love you mucho - d

Connie Ideker said...

Such great news! I am so happy to hear it!

Skye said...

Freakin wow! Holy mah-jollie macrame Makerels! You are, without a doubt, a super-hero.

Rachel said...

Just amazing news. I am so happy for you and EJ! Have an extra specially happy holidays and Vince and I will be thinking of you on Jan. 27.

MCote` said...

..Sandra.. after 9 conversations with Earthlink employees in the Phillipines & India, 5 - 6 more with AT & T, no one has a clue why my DSL has vanished as if poltergeist for the last 10 days, so I write to you from the Newport Beach Mariners Public Libraby. All the while on pins & needles dying to get to your blog somehow I remained comforted by a calm intuition that the results of your scan would be exactly as you have written. So this cold & rainy evening I type with joyful tears as I appear emotionally unstable to my fellow library
patrons, I am so very, very thrilled. You are the Wonder Woman of my life.
Si, se puede.
xo Malia

Anonymous said...

woohooo!! great news!
we are looking forward to seeing you out here in cali soon!!
xoxo, rachel, bryan, & jdog

Geneva said...

Sandra you leave me speechless with happiness. This is news I have to sit down and let pour over me. Giant love to you and EJ. See you soon to celebrate. How about a post hysterectomy date?

Kris said...

Here's to Sandra and her cancer's ass kicking skills!!! I couldn't be happier if it were me! Extra hugs for you when you're in CA, and we'll talk about that hysterectomy if you'd like!

Woo hoo superhero Sandra!

Danette said...

Sandra. Congratulations! You deserve every ounce of peace that comes from this good news.
Happy Happy Happy times.

Anonymous said...

great news sandreetah.
day after christmas...
this is my favorite present!!!!!

see you in january


Anonymous said...


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