Wednesday, December 31, 2008

there's a lesson here somewhere...

i am so frustrated right now.

i am here in southern california visiting my friends and family for the holidays and as usual, i've been taking lots of photos. i just uploaded them from my camera to my laptop, or so i thought...apparently only about half of the four hundred plus photos made it into my computer. and all of the photos were deleted from my memory card.

so photos of my niece and nephew when i spent the night are all gone. photos of lunch with my aunts, breakfast with cousins, ej and the salsa he made, christmas day...

i am perhaps absurdly attached to photos, so i'm very grouchy right now.

and while i'm wallowing in my misery, the imaging center where i had my scan done informed me today that my medicaid is inactive. this is after i was recently issued a medicaid card.

ps: my hysterectomy is now scheduled for feb 3.


Cindy T. said...

Ah mija, that sucks! Sorry you lost your photos-- technology is a wonderful thing!.... until it screws you-- then it's Satan's spawn!
On the eve of a new year, we (the ones who are lucky enough to have spent some time with you this holiday season) are grateful to have been in your beautiful, smiling, radient, and energetic presence. How blessed we are to have you here, on this planet, with us! -- photos or no photos.
Maybe that's the lesson.
Here's to the next 400 images, and the 400 after that, and the 400 after that, etc.. Just keep taking them... that's all we ask. :)
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom F. said...

Hi Sandra,
We're so glad to hear that your tests turned out well. That's awesome news!!
As to the deleted photos, here is a link to download some software that MIGHT recover the lost pics.
It assumes you haven't taken any new pics, but it might be worth the trouble to try...

Here's another link with some more info:

Again, great news!!
Tom, Sharon and Skylar.

MCote` said...

Gary & I would have loved to have come to visit, I don't know if you are still here in So. Cal. My # is 949 722 7082 or 949 394 1177
xo Malia