Wednesday, October 22, 2008

back on the streets


i think i've made it through the post-chemo fog. sheesh! drugs and my body...a love/hate relationship.

last thursday i had round 4 of chemo and it went pretty well. my oncologist was surprised that my blood levels were normal. at this point in the treatment, my body should be a little more affected by the accumulated toxins, but that, my friend, is the beauty of acupuncture. i truly believe that needles and astragalus, both the doing of josh my wonderful acupuncturist, are the main reason why my body is doing relatively well.

it's not all roses. i've been taking a new drug to combat the itchiness and it has done a number on my intestinal process. there has been improvement in that department, so it's something i can live with, but the good part is that the itching is about 95% gone. what a relief! if it hadn't been for a woman in my support group who mentioned that she'd been prescribed gabapentin for itching, i'd still be suffering. it's a drug used mainly for epilepsy, and my oncologist had never heard of it used for chemo-related itching, so i'm the guinea pig for him. just like the acupuncture and the astragalus. hey baby, i'm doing my part for science. and apparently, i won't be having any seizures.

today, i'm going into the city to mingle with the everyday folk. it's sunny and currently 45 degrees, but there's going to be a high of 53 and this bald head is eager to get out there and feel some weather. i'm even going to shower for the occasion. yeeha!

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