Saturday, October 25, 2008

wigging out

yesterday, i tried on wigs because a volunteer at the chemo unit had told me that i could get a free wig through the american cancer society. although i was skeptical about wigs, i figured the price made it worth my while to give them a chance.

of course, i took my camera. i'm glad i did because the wigs made me feel like very different people.

prepped and ready to go.

karina led me into the wonderful world of wigs.

this is kimmie. she loves the cheap hot dogs at costco almost as much as she loves her kids.

christina. read the secret seven times. loves to roller boogie at central park.

rebecca. plays the football pools. and wins.

roberta. top earner in her department. used to be a man.

viv. wishes netflix had an online dating option.

karla. spent last new year's eve alone, then lied about it to her friends.

suzy. tivos oprah. saving up for lasik surgery.

amanda, aka "the general". knows all the best happy hours.

maybe i miss acting a little bit.

this was the winner of my own personal wig contest and the one i took home. i call her straight-haired sandra.


Anonymous said...

OMG, too hilarious! Can you do it again next week? Maybe you can pose as one of your characters and they won't know you were already there.


Kris said...

I nearly fell off my chair laughing! You not only developed different personas, you gave them names and storylines! Too fun. I agree with Monica, you should do it all again!

Rachel said...

Genius! I love Rebecca. She seems sassy.

Shane said...

Roberta rocks!!! Long live Roberta!!!

Geneva said...

Very sassy girl. Love them all (think me and Viv have actually hung out together). Does this mean you are a straight-haired red head or a blond? Will you develop an accent?

Lillian said...

You see, you must always be careful what you wish for. Remember when you used to wonder what it would be like to shave your head or straighten your hair? You are absolutely hot in your new do, although I'm liking Rebecca's feisty look ...

sheldon said...

I think you should have grabbed all of the wigs and ran!

Danna said...

Is that the "Christina" wig you're wearing out the door? (that was my favorite on you) Love the character descriptions.

franthebean said...

you're amazing