Thursday, October 9, 2008


i love dogs. here are a few who have brightened my days.

"p-nut" and "ocho", portland, oregon.

"shiva shambo", denver, colorado.

"sedona", denver, colorado.

"winston", brooklyn, ny.

on saturday, my mom and i were walking through washington square park when we came upon a large crowd of people, each of whom had a dachshund. many of these dogs were dressed. in clothes. of course, i had to take pictures.


Erin said...

Now I've got to find a picture of our dog Patsy to bring...I'll be up all night...

jessie said...

OH MY! Shiva and Sedona so want to come to new york now, to hang out will all the cool hot dogs...and sandra! i particularly adore the lobster.

Anonymous said...

love the dog pics. very cute,
dont know how I feel about dressing them as people. hmmm
just finished a book you must curl up with this fall.
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.
Sending you thoughts this evening.
will yum