Friday, February 20, 2009

it's like looking in a mirror

i've discovered that over that last two months, i've begun a small collection of photos taken with friends and family who have a hairstyle similar to mine. i simply had to share. (notice the matching color scheme of shirts in almost every photo...weird.)

in anaheim hills with my cousin, firefighter justin. at this point i was completely hairless. penciled in eyebrows, no eyelashes, i think even my nose hairs were missing.

in alameda with my dear friend, bryan. the hat i had on left an indentation across my forehead which makes it look like i'm wearing a bald cap from a costume shop.

in san francisco with my no-longer-long-lost-friend, franky. the faint suggestion of fuzz is beginning to make an appearance. i don't know why this photo makes me think of a couple of koalas hugging.

in williamsburg, brooklyn with astounding musician, harel. if i grew a beard and gave him glasses, we'd practically be twins.

in manhattan with my fabulous acupuncturist, josh. i hadn't quite caught up to him. hairwise. maybe that's why i have such a freaky look on my face.

taken today.
just me and my long, luxurious locks. the eyebrows are homegrown too. my hair reminds me of the guy on the tv show, Lost.

the guy from Lost.


Connie Ideker said...

I just love how you did these pictures. Such a cute idea!

Jeanette said...

The pix are great! The past week has been are in my prayers always...I'll try to call you this weekend!xoxo!

Sistah D said...

Ooh I like that little wave in the front...hmm, you wouldn't mind if I take this pic in to match next time I get Max's hair cut, would ya?

Kris said...

Priceless photos! You see what most of us would miss completely! That final photo takes me back to last summer when I had just about as much hair and was oh, so very proud!

Anonymous said...

I love these photos! I'm afraid I hated looking in the mirror when I had no hair as I felt like I'd aged 20 years at least. I wish I'd been as brave as you.