Monday, February 9, 2009

well, hallelujah

i just got off the phone with my oncologist. the first thing he did when he got into the office this morning was to check the computer to see if the pathology reports were in yet from last week's hysterectomy.
they were.

he told me that they found no signs of cancer. not any. not one tiny cell. he said some other things, but my hearing got blurry after that. i do remember him saying that they did a very thorough investigation and that he's very happy with the news.

so am i.

ps: i was in the hospital last week until friday. there were multiple shots, ivs, clear liquids for meals, 24 very attractive staples, a chest x-ray that showed no return of cancer nodules in my lungs since the PET scan in december, some awkward shuffling to the bathroom, plenty of bad television, and two unfinished crossword puzzles. the last few days have been uncomfortable between the soreness, my lack of appetite, the persistent hot flashes, and sadly, constipation. luckily, last night there was some forward motion in that area. aren't you glad that i blog about it? (can i just say that by last night that was all i could think about? i was cranky and obsessed and what a relief that such a simple event can bring.) anyway, things are looking up.


sheldon said...

YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAA! Let's go celebrate and eat some great food! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank God all is well! I'm so happy for you and your family and ej! When you feel better we'll celebrate!

Cindy T. said...

Yeahhhhhhhh! I'm so happy I could cry! :) That is wonderful news---You pooed! (Ha,ha.)

But seriously.... I couldn't be happier. Thank you Jesus! (And EJ, and Sally, and Louie, and Deanna and Tom, and Hanna....and everyone else who helped you through this). Wonderful news. Well done! Now you rest, and heal... and dream about the next chapter in your life.... and good food. Lots and lots of good food... just waiting for you to find it!
I love you! Take care. xoxoxoxo

Kris said...

HIP HIP HOORAY for Sandra and her pathology report, to say nothing of the "forward motion!"

Heal and be happy!

Sistah D said...

Ahhh... no cancer and a good poop, now that's a great day! Can't wait to celebrate with you in a couple days! I love you mucho!

gmcote` said...

O Happy Day!!!I think Oprah needs to know about this, she knows about everyone & everything else so why not this? Your story certainly is audience worthy. I'm familiar with the fruitless trips to the bathroom (remember I did borrow laxatives when I was in NY) I know that stifled disappointment. Aren't you so ecstatic you could scream? When those suchers heal & you have a little more energy you can see every movie you can think of, go to lunch, head for auditions, do some yoga, what you have endured deserves a good hearty Mary Tyler Moore throwing of the hat. I think she's also a survivor.
Gilda is so proud.
All our love & thanks for being our personal hero, y claro, se puede..
Malia, Gary, Stewart & Maggie May Cote` xxoooooo!!!!!

Shane said...


Lillian said...

Who knew you could inspire so much commentary about ... well, you know. The real inspiration is that cancer has failed and you have prevailed. Failed, that is, if its purpose was to claim you, but what if its purpose is to show you just how loved you are, and just how many people you are loved by? I'm thankful that you get to know that. Congratulations, my much loved friend.

Connie Ideker said...

So glad to hear your good news!! Congratulations!! Keep on healing and enjoy!