Monday, February 2, 2009

one more surgery

it's 9pm the night before my hysterectomy. i'm sipping a "pasteurized sparkling saline laxative". lemon flavored and chilled. mmm.

i feel positive. i'm not looking forward to another hospital stay, but i'm resigned to it and eager to move things along. i can't wait to get to the point where cancer is not such a central topic in my life.

i hope they don't find any cancer cells lurking amongst my innards. i don't feel like i have any microscopic interlopers, but if they're microscopic, how would i know? perhaps it's wishful thinking. i hope not.

the silver lining is that the drugs they give me will take care of the annoying joint pain i've acquired the last few weeks. at least there's that. i wish there were internet access in the hospital.

and now, the rest of that "bowel prep"...


Connie Ideker said...

Hope all goes well with your surgery. Will be praying for good news for your and a rapid recovery.

Geneva said...

Here is to another milestone my friend. And no one can prep their bowels like you can. YOU are the biggest rock star I know.

meowmix said...

I miss ya baby doll
anna banana (in case you didn't get the cat reference on my username)