Friday, January 30, 2009

triumphant. finally. at least, for now.

can i thank God it's friday even though i'm not working at a job right now?

after much confusion, faxing, endless phone calls and some help from both my local assemblywoman's office and one mr. smith at the state medicaid office, i have been assured that my medicaid is now active.
again. just in the nick of time.
cue breathing.
after my oncologist assured me that my need for a hysterectomy is urgent (apparently those nasty microscopic cancer cells could be growing again in my abdomen as i type this), i did not want to postpone surgery just because medicaid was being elusive. i think most of my peachfuzz turned gray due to showing up for pre-surgical testing and assorted doctor's visits all the while half expecting to be jettisoned (again) from the office mid-visit for lack of coverage. and i don't mean that my paper gown was slipping.

thanks especially to my sister and everyone else who has cheered me on in my battle with bureaucracy. my hysterectomy will now go ahead as scheduled next tuesday, feb 3. woohoo. party time.

ps: in the midst of my crankiness and frustration, there were surprise moments of warmth and gratitude including:

my pulmonary doctor telling me that he used me as an example of the power of positive thinking (if only he knew what i'd been thinking about medicaid lately),

a woman i didn't know coming up to me at barbes and telling me that she reads my blog (soon after, she sang with the band and it was great. nice to meet you, eva!),

and seeing friends that i hadn't seen since before i got sick, and after taking a good look at my hairless head for the first time
hearing one of them very seriously say, "it's beautiful. really, it's beautiful." so nice to hear when you're feeling fragile.

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