Friday, September 5, 2008

2 down, 4 to go

yesterday, i visited the chemo unit for my second round of chemotherapy. i was a little apprehensive because a couple of variables were up in the air. since we were footing the bill, i was concerned about what the exact charge would be. luckily, we were armed with a fair amount in the benevolent account that was set up for this, and because so many friends, family members, and complete strangers donated to The Cause after they received my sister's letter, i felt we had a good chance of not being turned away due to lack of funds. and i was right! we even have enough for future rounds of chemo! i can be healed! i never thought i'd be so eager to be shot up with toxins, but i was. thanks again to all who have contributed and continue to lend their support not just financially, but through comments on this blog, funny emails, photos, and voice mails that cheer me on. my recovery is possible because of every single one of you. jeez, i'm getting misty-eyed again.

secondly, i was concerned that my treatment would be postponed if my white blood cell count was too low. it wasn't! i believe that my mom's good cooking and a visit to Josh the Fabulous Acupuncturist were what put me in prime condition to receive the chemo. and receive i did. we were there from 9:30am to 6:30pm, but it went well! (the only down side to the day was that i didn't get the scheduled visit from either of my oncologists while i was there.) i even felt good enough to walk home, eat dinner (homemade papas con chorizo tacos), and catch up on some emails. this morning, i still feel good and i haven't even had to dip into my special stash of happy anti-nausea pills yet! i'm resting and relieved that it's going this well and i'm optimistic that it will continue to go well.

this really is a team effort. it takes a village to heal a sandra.

at the chemo unit they handed out snacks. it doesn't take much to make me happy.

at the beginning of the day, all these chairs were filled with cancer patients in addition to two other rooms of chairs and people in the waiting room. by the end of the day, this was my view. being the party animals that we are, we were the last to leave. nothing like closing down the chemo unit. dude.


Pete said...

Hooray for donated funds!!

lisi said...

thank goodness! our thoughts are with you lady!! you're so strong, kick the big c's ass :)

Sonja Alarr said...

Yeah, baby, way to shut down the party--
So glad you made it through this one with flying colors and decent snacks.
Thinking of you out here in la-la land and wishing you much love. All the contributions are just a physical manifestation of all the love you've scattered around the planet these last 42 years. You earned it all through your good will.

Much love, Sonja, et al

Eddie said...

Hey sweeeeetie!....

You are in my thoughts everyday! I hope my healing thoughts are reaching you! I dont want to have to praying or something! lol
Get well soon mija! Cabo cruise is next month and still open to you!

Love you!


Naomi said...

I'm Erin's niece and she forwarded your sister's letter to me. I'm usually broke but posted your story on my blog:

I also wanted to suggest that you look into putting a PayPal donation button on your sidebar. I've seen it on a lot of blogs and have heard that people really do click and give!

I look forward to reading more food stories in the future.

Anonymous said...

Love the photographs, and the written words. All the very best to you!

mannequin said...

Hi Sandra!
Found your blog from Naomi and just wanted to check in with a {hug} and see how you're doing.
What I DO see is not ONLY a woman who is going through what any of us could have to face, but I also see a very witty, obviously talented woman with lots to say and lots of spunk!
I'd love to visit again!

meowmix said...

papas con chorizo tacos! mmmmm