Friday, September 5, 2008

easy ways to feel good


as much as i don't want to be defined by my cancer, there's no denying that it has taken center stage in my life for the moment, so today i'm passing along some tidbits that i have found to be easy ways to help The Cause.

my mom and i have joined gilda's club. it's a national organization founded in memory of gilda radner

(comic actress who died of ovarian cancer) that offers social and emotional support to people affected by cancer - patients, family, and friends - all for free. we visited the clubhouse in manhattan and were met with such a welcoming, comfortable environment that i can't wait to indulge in a restorative yoga class or maybe the chi gong or gourmet fitness classes. gourmet fitness! apparently, you taste yummy food and workout in a chair! finally, a health regime that makes sense to me!

it was at gilda's club that i learned of and if you need to search for things on the internet, you can do it at (powered by yahoo search) and every time you do, they'll donate to the charity of your choice. i chose gilda's club-new york city. it's so easy!

and if you ever do online shopping, maybe even more exciting is the chance to shop through every time you make a purchase through the stores listed at (good ones like amazon, ebay, target, and zappos, for example), goodshop will make a donation of up to 30% of your purchase to the charity of your choice. again, so easy!

lastly, you may have heard about a special being aired tonight called "stand up to cancer". it airs for one hour starting at 8pm pt/et without commercial interruption on all three networks simultaneously. that alone is amazing. since our government has continually cut back on cancer research every year, SU2C is raising money that will sidestep bureaucracy and get funding and resources to the most innovative and talented cancer researchers out there, while facilitating collaboration between these scientists. sounds good to me. and there'll be plenty of celebrities that are easy on the eyes to make it even more worth your while to watch like salma hayek, jessica alba, and halle berry. or, if you prefer funny, homer and marge simpson, ellen degeneres, and jack black will also be making appearances. i figured i could spare an hour tonight to check out what this organization has to say.

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