Friday, September 26, 2008

halfway there

my goodness, i've got a lot of catching up to do. the latest is that i had my third round of chemo yesterday and it went well! once again, the same two potential obstacles were not a problem: my white blood cell count was good and the cost of the treatment was fully covered by the Fund (thank you to all the donors looking out for me. you made this possible!). hopefully, medicaid will kick in before the next round on oct. 16.

we got to the chemo unit at 9:30 and i was done by 4:30, which is a two hour improvement from the last time. there was television, reading, lunch to keep me busy. and there was a visit from dear dr. weinreb, the surgeon for my first two surgeries. it's always great to see his smiling face. my mom was with me in the morning and ej took the afternoon shift. the only snafu of the day was that the first needle for my iv slipped out before the nurse had a chance to tape it down. she was unable to get it back in, so she had to poke me again in another vein. other than that, it was an easy day in chemoland. actually, i felt pretty good afterward and walked all the way home with ej. and i'm feeling pretty darn good today. must be all the steroids i'm taking. i've learned that the dip for me as far as feeling chipper usually happens somewhere between days 3-5 after chemo.

it's raining here today!
a perfect day to catch up on blogging and watch dvds. i love the rain, but i hope it doesn't make my hair too frizzy.

my left hand at the end of the day yesterday. wave to the bears.

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