Monday, September 1, 2008


oh dear.

my sister sent out a letter about my current situation to people who know me and i am floored by the waves of love, kindness, and generosity that have been sent back to us in response.

i really start to get weepy just thinking about it. so does my mom. and my sister. and my dad. we've got waterworks going on both coasts. even people who have never met me have reached out to me.

crap. i can't even type this without getting teary.

at this moment, i feel as if nothing at all is wrong with me. i feel invincible and it's only because of all the love that's holding me up.

how does "thank you" even begin to be enough? i have no choice but to fully recover. jeez, this post is not the smoothest i've ever written.


Susan said...

I stumbled across your blog today and read about your ovarian adventure. I love your hair short with the scarf and I love the strength and humour with which you are tackling your cancer. You are in my thoughts. Take care...

Anonymous said...

i can't imagine what you are feeling at the moment; life can be fairly brutal at times when we least expect it. you have a certain undeniable strength indicative in your words though. your power will see you through.

much peace, light and strength.

Artemis said...

Hey, Sandra!

It's Diana from DPS. I got your sister's e-mail. I wanted to let you know that I'm thinking about you, and that I am here if you need me, to help out in any way I can. I don't know if you're in NY or not, but I am glad that your sister sent me this link, so I can keep up with your updates. Be strong, Sandra, cuz I know from personal experience how hard this disease is. You have my e-mail if you need me.

Lots of hugs,

PS We miss you lots and lots around here! Get better so we can take you out soon!

Danna said...


I received your sister's email. I was away over the weekend and wasn't checking my mail. I want you to know you're in my thoughts and I'm sending you all the posititve energy I can. You're a lovely, smart, funny woman and you have many people who love and care about you. - Danna

Cindy T. said...

That's right.... you have NO choice other than to fully recover. Remember that!
You owe us now!
(Ha, ha!)

Shane said...

So much for self-reliance! Like it or not your pride's gonna' have to take a back seat on this one, Lady!

Justin's mom said...

Monica sent me the link to your blog and I just read your most recent entries. Thank you is more than enough to say to people, because while you don't think it's enough, they don't think what they do and say is enough. We all pretty much think we're going to handle it and then find the tears flow in the shower, when the hair really goes. Short and a scarf is adorable on you. Keep believing and keep your sense of humor going. Hugs