Thursday, September 11, 2008

it's shearing season and guess who's the lamb

this one goes out to eric.

the time came for a new look. i wanted something sassy, yet easy to manage. this in-between look, this fright wig fiasco i had going on was just not working. i mean, who did i think i was fooling?
it certainly wasn't enough hair to go out in public without frightening young children, yet it was more than enough to annoyingly leave renegade hairs all over the apartment, so i decided it was time to go kojak.

it was ej who played barber. i was not at all concerned that he had just finished a mug of highly caffeinated italian coffee. his nerves are like steel.

i don't know how this picture of a crotchety old man getting a haircut got in here.

"please let my head be a normal shape. please let my head be a normal shape."

i get my "must take photo" gene from my mom.

i laughed when i saw this because it looked like ej was conducting a ritual, but i'm realizing that it was a sort of rite of passage.

and voila! the finished product yet untouched by the elements. 42 years and that scalp has never seen the light of day. until now.

old chipmunk cheeks would like to thank her stylist...


Anonymous said...

"Nothing compares 2 U" I knew all along that you could pull off the look! love from your sister next door, Kristin A.

Anonymous said...

once a beauty always a beauty!
you are gorgeous!
sending you lots of love from the bay!
xo rachel (jadyn's mama)

Shane said...

Nice! You look like Sigourney Weaver in Alien! Rough, tough and ready to kick a**!

Pete said...

You look great! That cancer ain't got nothing on GI Jane!! See you next week for awesome pork chops.

cindy t. said...

I'm likin' the look girl--and SO much more attractive than the old-lady hair. :)
You ROCK in a bald head!
Beautiful as always!!!!!
Love you!

flyingvan said...

Wow---no fair!!! I don't hink I've seen a pic of you in some 20+ years. When I do, they're cancer hair photos, and you look 20 years younger than I do. Again, no fair. Hope all is well with you (Deirdre gave me your blogspot address)

caty said...

Sweetie, you can rock this look. No surprises there. Big hugs from Oakland! -- Caty (and Frederick)

caty said...

Sweetie, you can rock this look. No surprises there. Big hugs from Oakland! -- Caty (and Frederick)

k said...

Look, you have a terrific looking head! Even without that amazing hair, you look great - shearing didn't diminish your eyes or smile. Kudos to your stylist. Kris

Anonymous said...

From one Kojack to another...
I just wanted to say you're awesome!
Bald is beutiful baby

Tom, Sharon and Skylar Flanagan

Anonymous said...

Twenty nine years ago I walked into my first high school Spanish class and took a seat in front of a girl. When Mr. Leon called the roll, I remember that I thought she had a funny name. I turned around to tease her about her last name. I looked at her and thought, oh my, she's cute. I then tried to turn on the charm, such as it was at age 14. She smiled at something I said. It was a closed lips toothless smile, but still, a smile. So then I really poured it on, and her face lit up with big toothy braces smile. It is a smile that I will always remember. I sure didn't remember any of the Spanish. I wasn't a very good student. I guessed that she was probably embarrassed by her braces, but I didn't think that they were any problem. When it came time to send carnations I sent her one.

The next time that I sat near her was senior year in Father ___(I forget)'s class. By this time she had become an elegant, stunning young woman; braces gone, hair tamed, contacts? But, mostly I remember that smile. I can see it as clearly as any memory that I have of high school. I remember wondering why we had never become closer friends. I blame myself, plus the longtime boyfriend that she had. All through school? Anyway.

I saw that same smile yesterday. It was in the last photo of your "...shearing.." post. You are still so beautiful. I read some of your other posts and I am moved by the courage and humor that you are able to muster in the face of your "new life" as you put it.

I'm not very religious anymore, but I do still pray. I took a ride on my mountain bike today, on a trail called The Enchanted Loop. I found a beautiful spot, stopped and said a prayer for you.

Raymond Mendoza
'83 Mater Dei

jessie said...

now, that's beyond a normal head..that's a fabulous head, girly! i think EJ has a second career option....a cross between caffeinated urban stylist and chic enlightened guru. sort of like the opposite of sweeney todd *BIG LUV*

Sonja Alarr said...

Well, hell Sandra. You are more gorgeous bald than the rest of the hairy world ever dreamed of being. Truly, you bring tears to my eyes--so beautiful, so funny, so incredibly inspiring to me. You move me beyond the words to tell it.

I continue to be amazed by your courage, your humor, your--self.

Love from that Obama Mama in Pas.

thegirlwiththestripedsocks said...

way you handled that way better than i did. actually, i kind of looked like you all smiley- said "I like it" and then burst into tears. lol. that's why you are badass and I am a wuss. Doesn't it feel oddly liberating though?

Danette said...

mine's currently coming out by the handfuls. you're giving me courage for the next transition. so, thanks.

vida said...

you do have a lovely shaped head!