Sunday, January 25, 2009

bay area bliss, part 1

so, after the holidays, ej and i traveled from southern california to the bay area to visit with his mom, hanna, and assorted friends.

this is rachel, jadyn, bryan, and little ol' me. rachel, bryan, and myself used to work in the same art store in berkeley. bryan and i were custom picture framers together. the last time i saw them, they were visiting nyc and jadyn was just a twinkle in her mother's eye.

hanna had a gathering while we were there. it was great to meet her friends and it looks like hanna had a good time too.

oh, the infamous fog! this is the bay bridge with just a hint of the city beyond.

we stayed a couple of nights with our old friends, david and eddie. ever since they moved to the bay area, david has been telling me about the spectacular view from their condo. i'll just have to trust him on that.

david made a delicious prime rib roast for dinner!! that man certainly knows the way to my heart.

the next day, we toodled around the city. here are ej and eddie conquering the windmill in golden gate park.

we stopped for a snack before hitting happy hour in the castro.

ej and i aren't huge drinkers, but a refreshing adult beverage in social situations can be quite enjoyable. david and eddie know the good happy hours, so here is ej feeling no pain. hello? ej? can you hear me?

i was pretty happy too. here i am with my old friend, david. i'm pretty sure i was the only woman in this bar. i was definitely the only bald one.

i love the streetcars in san francisco.

i was very excited to ride in one. it doesn't take much.

we stopped at the buena vista cafe: the birthplace of the irish coffee.

from our place at the bar, we had a view of the parade of life outside. like these hooded tourists in the back of an old fire engine. granted, it was chilly outside, but really...

then there was a group of tourists on segways. no ski masks though.

alcatraz in the distance

back at david and eddie's, we lived a life of luxury. here i am in my favorite chair. they called it a cuddle chair and i thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. i would've moved into that chair if they'd let me. (now that i have peach fuzz on my head, i'm a little surprised when i look back at these photos and realize just how bald i was. like kojak, bald.)

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