Thursday, January 15, 2009

vamos a la playa

toward the end of my holiday visit in southern california, i was having a grouchy day, so my dear friend, deirdre, whisked me away to the beach for a breath of fresh air.

ahh. a little direct sunlight on my fair, porcelain skin. i think my eyebrows were beginning to melt.

nopales and blue sky: my homeland.

add some macrame and i'm back in the 70's.

i must have a hundred photos of deirdre taking photos.

the unrestored part of crystal cove.

i fell in love with sea glass!

i have a thing for rocks and shells. i collected them when i was a kid and i still find it difficult to resist their pull.

you can click on photos to enlarge them. sand up close is amazing. go ahead. try it.

a tree on a hill

lucy and ethel. the woman who took our picture asked if we were sisters. she thought we had the same smile. deirdre and i are old friends, but i don't think that the red headed irish lass and the bald headed latina really look alike. maybe it was the glasses. (note to self: don't pose like that. it looks as if deirdre has a hand growing out of her shoulder.)


Erin said...

So sweet! I LOVE your pictures...and what a wonderful way to spend a day! I am always looking for sea glass - drives the kids crazy cuz I won't look up from the sand. That is one thing I miss dearly...the beach (I guess you can never take the Catholic nor the beach out of a girl!) :)

Anonymous said...

What pretty pictures.... was I there? Funnily enough, someone else I showed our "sisters" picture to said, wow, you guys sure reseble each other...!?! Must be some mental thing we project. Anyway, I am so happy your pictures were restored. Thank ej once more...