Saturday, January 10, 2009

cousins and tias

more moments from my trip to southern california...

my parents and i took max to see A Christmas Carol (thank you, gina!) and afterwards we got to look around the set (thank you again, gina!). this is our little mexican bob cratchit.

next stop: santa ana. my tia chelo makes amazing menudo.

i had a couple of bowls just to verify.

cousins vincent, aline, and lauren with la baldy.

my dad and his sister and for some reason, a pack of corn tortillas.

two rarities in southern california: the mountains have a lot of snow and it's actually clear enough to see the mountains.

anaheim hills: we descended upon cousin monica and her husband, justin for a delicious lunch. their son, colin, gave my niece, maya, a big dog. strangling must be maya's way of showing love.

maya gave colin bubbles and he couldn't get enough of them.

looking into the sun makes us pretty.

another precious moment.

cousins tricia and monica, the empty-haired one, and my sister, deanna.

is it just me, or do i look like a character from blade runner?

the big kids invade colin's little bachelor pad.

this is justin's mom, the fabulous kris. an ovarian cancer survivor and all around stand-up human, she cheers me on and shows me the way.

the paparazzi series starring my mom, sally, and her youngest sister, charlotte. every single time i framed the shot, they would step back. charlotte was cooperative, but my mom kept insisting that i was too close. you can almost hear her saying, "back up!"

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Kris said...

Dearest La Baldy ~
Your photos, and their commentary, MAKE MY DAY! You have "an eye" with the camera AND the pen! You should consider writing as a career, starting, perhaps with a cancer adventure, complete with photos! I'm honored to have made your blog. Just one ammendment - ovarian survivor, not breast cancer. But, survivor nonetheless AND a #1 fan of yours! xo