Monday, January 5, 2009

the holidaze, part 1

christmas was a busy time in southern california. other than the highly inconvenient hot flashes, the setting of medical appointments for my return to ny, and the confusion that is medicaid, my time was filled with friends, family, and lots of mexican food. and i mean lots.

max during his karate test to move up from yellow belt to orange belt.

waiting as instructed to see if he earned his orange belt. he did!

have i mentioned that maya is now 2 years old and has learned to wield her "no!" and "mine!"?

an impromptu jam session

we took a trip to disneyland. the morning was with the kids. my sister was feeling the happy of the happiest place on earth.

max wanted to get on thunder mountain, but he sat in the fetal position with his eyes closed and his hands covering his ears through the entire ride.

i'd forgotten that disneyland is Stroller City.

our people are represented in the clock outside the Small World ride.

Small World was the one ride that deanna had requested we go on. this is the back of her head as she videotapes each precious moment and lives the magic.

at night, the big kids had fun in the magic kingdom by ourselves.

i think the high point for ej was his first ever ride on space mountain. he doesn't like rollercoasters.

and deanna doesn't like fireworks. isn't disneyland fun? i wanted to take a photo of her as the fireworks exploded above the matterhorn, but she was running too fast with her fingers in her ears.

stay tuned for plays, parties, and more fun behind the orange curtain.

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