Saturday, January 10, 2009

more mexicans in the days after christmas

when spending the night at my sister's house, i'm privy to the behind-the-scenes stuff that i might miss otherwise. like a young girl and her balloon alone at the table.

or the morning bloom of a flower.

or the flower eating pancakes.

or the merry dance of a couple of pirates.

my sister planned a pre-birthday celebration for me. we picked up my mom and two of my tias in the Party Van. there is always plenty to discuss when las mujeres get together.

i had to give up eating sushi the whole time i was doing chemo, so i was craving it. we broke my sushi fast with a meal at a japanese restaurant. yum!!

celia, milia, chelo

back at my parent's house, we gathered at the usual spot, the kitchen table. we enjoyed coffee with delicious birthday cheesecake. i never noticed before just how much hand gesturing was going on.

i also wanted to see my second cousin, louie. he and his brother, sal, and my uncle eddie, often have breakfast at the same place, so some of us crashed their hangout. louie, sally, luis, eddie.

my mom like to work both sides of the table. cousin tricia, sal and maggie.

los compadres

the whole group, plus the owner.


Sistah D said...

Ay que cute!! It's like a Norman Rockwell tribute to a Mexican Christmas! That was fun! Come on, come back and we'll do it otra vez! Love you mucho.

Monica H said...

I like how in the last picture my dad (Eddie) is outside with his cup of coffee...looks like he stole that mug from the Mini Cafe.