Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my, oh my, obama

yesterday, i stood in the crowded back room of a local bar, where i normally go to hear live music, and watched barack obama be sworn in as our president. we were all shoulder to shoulder, i was overheated, and i could only see a sliver of the big screen between the heads in front of me, but i was so very happy to share that experience with others who were equally excited.

at the end of the ceremony when the national anthem was sung in d.c., someone in the room started quietly singing along. it quickly spread and before i knew it, i too was singing. then bam! the emotion hit me, i wiped away a tear, and i felt something i hadn't felt since, heck, since i was a 10 year old learning about the bicentennial or a 14 year old cheering on the u.s. olympic hockey team as they played the soviet union. yesterday, i actually felt patriotic. i was surprised. and happy. and hopeful.

afterward, ej played with the raya brass band and people danced.

the backside of the banner in the window (it's a french bar).

i took my best eyebrows for the occasion.

that night, ej and i had amazing homemade indian food (thank you, pete!) at pete and dawn's apartment. we celebrated and toasted our new president (thank you, barack!). it was a good day.


Sistah D said...

Early in the a.m. I declared it Barack Obama Day in our home Jan 20th. CNN aired proudly in our living room from 7a.-12pm. Max, Maya enjoyed a day of PJ wearing, home-made brownie eating. I cried when I explained to Max he would remember this historic day all of his life, and will share this story with his children and grandchildren. I cried watching President Obama walk down the hall toward his awaiting country to be sworn in. I cried when Aretha sang. I cried when the President and 1st Lady danced their very first dance at the Neighborhood Ball, while Beyonce sang the heck out of "At Last!" And in between the joyous tears were cheers, claps, pointing out famous faces recognized in the crowd, and Max & Maya yelling Barackobama! all throughout the house. It was a magical, moving day, that I will forever be proud to simply have been witness to. And I am so honored to be a part of our new tomorrow! Si se puede!

Pete said...

You are as always, very welcome.