Wednesday, May 28, 2008

back to the land of the living

ok. we now have three performances under our belts and i've learned a few things:

1. english language theatre is far from being a hot ticket item in milan.
2. my foot-farts during the show have got to stop.
3. it costs 3.50 euro (approx. $5.25 USD) to dry a load of laundry for 20 minutes at the local laundromat.

and now for photos...

saturday night after an exhausting dress rehearsal (which i did not attend) where no one could hear the other actors because of the pounding dance music from the restaurant next door, everyone went out for a bite to eat. i asked ej to take the camera with him since i was the exception and stayed home due to The Virus. everyone was tired.

when they got back, i was "watching a movie" and they caught me during a long blink.

after the opening night performance, i was actually feeling hungry and joined the group outing. the only places open at 11pm on a sunday night were pizzerias. i decided to risk it and depended on my medication to see me through. thankfully, it worked, despite the warnings from matteo about eating mushrooms when one is sick. single person pizzas come in one size here: grande.

laura asked our waiter for some ice for javi's swollen elbow. he has a very physical part in the show.

tess is a friend of laura and javi's who flew in
from london for a few days. thank goodness she did. she's been a tremendous help taking charge of the front of house duties and being an enthusiastic audience member.

gaby "watches a movie". she does this every night.

the boys have breakfast.

ej and i went for a quick walk in the neighborhood and this is what we found.
a tiny, burnt out car.

a field of poppies.

and graffiti.

back within the complex of lofts.

deardog longs to be a musician.

when we got home after monday night's show, there was a rose and sweet card for each of us from javi's boyfriend, oscar.

this is what he wrote to me.

this is my rose. please note the fine specimens behind me.

we all love oscar! it looks as if we're at some nudist camp.

senior prom

to top it all off, he made dinner for us: lentil soup with vegetables. and he made delicious hummus. from scratch! since i couldn't be in california to help my mom celebrate her birthday, at least i could be part of this group enjoying a lovely dinner.

yesterday, ej and i went into the city to meet up with his mom and piergiorgio. ej waits at the bus stop.

we had a beautiful lunch at a restaurant who's chef had been recommended to us and let me tell you, i was not disappointed. this was my lunch. beautiful eggplant and parmigiano cheese sitting in a smear of fresh pesto. i wish i had some in front of me right now.

afterwards, we strolled to the nearby castle.

tourists by the busload come to see the castle.

and up via dante

to the duomo. once again, we saw the mysterious anatomy man, but this time we had a local to tell us who he was. piergiorgio explained that he was a martyr who'd been skinned alive. as we took a second look at the statue, we realized that what we missed the first time: hung over his shoulder was the martyr's empty skin. wow. so glad we asked. sometimes ignorance is bliss.

we also introduced piergiorgio and hanna to the canoncini that we know and love.

we'll see them again when they come to see the show. by the end of this little excursion, my body was exhausted. a little rest, a little show. all in a day's work.

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