Sunday, May 18, 2008

catching up

i've unloaded photos from my camera, and now i see how far behind i am. a sampling of what's gone on recently.

gaby on the streets of milano

the front gate to the complex of lofts where we live.

a mexican restaurant near laura, the first i've seen in milano.

of course, i had to take a look at the menu. just to give you an idea of the prices, 14 euros is about $21 US.

another laundry day at laura's.

this disapproving lady keeps an eye on things in laura's house.

she scares me and i'm glad i don't have to sleep in that room.

laura in the home office.

gaby gazes.

my view, as i was drooling on the glass case of canoncini.

laura outside the sacred bakery.

inhaling a sandwich on the bus to our next errand.

gaby introduced me to a cafe near laura's that has a large table laden with baskets of baked goods. walk in, choose a tasty treat, sip some coffee. what a beautiful way to start the day.

as i sat at that cafe with tell-tale
croissant crumbs lingering on my lips, i took a few shots of passersby through the window.

my kind of market
we visited the saturday flea market again, only this time, we walked through the food area. suddenly, i wasn't minding the crowds, the sun started shining, and the birds started singing.

it's hard to tell, but there's a giant loaf of bread in the center, topped by two smaller loaves. it was the biggest bread i've ever seen in my life.

there were stalls with fish,

mystery produce (these things were about 2 feet long),

and recognizable produce.

these people were trying to make their way down the aisle, but the area was so crowded it looked like they were standing in line.

what my people call cherries.

gaby bought a bag of these tasty tomatoes that we snacked on while wandering through the market.

the bottle-brush comes from australia, just like gaby.

there were plenty of booths selling formaggio. i'm pretty sure this guy was very pleased to have his picture taken.

i call it "A Study of Red".

this reminds me of eating quesadillas in mexico made with zucchini flowers. so good.

all the olives and capers anyone could want.

nuts from california, just like me.

girl's night out: the wind-up
another meal on laura's terrace. i'm getting used to wearing sun glasses.

the spring roses looked like velvet.

i call it "Happy Shoes and Caballeros".

laura and matteo's kitchen table becomes our library. i'm wearing a dress that i bought at the flea market. we were invited to the grand opening that night of a bar owned by laura's sister's boyfriend.

i'm doing my best mariah carey.

in the elevator as the girls head out.

diego and frida.

after checking out a fabulous photo exhibit of world press 2008, we explored a fancy store called 10 corso como. before coming to milan, this is how i pictured all the stores would be in this fashion mecca. as i looked around, i stood up straight and sucked in my belly. it was the least i could do.

these were unique, designer clothes with incredible prices, and i don't mean incredible in a "good deal" way. i was glad i went in there. it felt as if i'd visited a distinctly milano place. now if i could just get in to see "the last supper".

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Shane said...

"Nuts from California. Like me."

Don't know I've ever you've made me laugh this as much with this one. You're a funny lady and so you are.