Friday, May 2, 2008

pray to st. anthony

jeez. i'm finally online tonight. we're pigging-backing on our neighbor's wi-fi, which means that the internet isn't always available when so many people are using it. sometimes it's a race from the front door to the computers when we get home from rehearsal, and even being online is no guarantee that you'll stay online.

i think my hair is thinning. it seems easier to see my scalp these days.

tonight, rehearsal ran late and we ate some pasta at the space around 7pm. when we got home, javi and i made some more food, thinking that it would be enough as at least a snack for the four of us. thank goodness gaby and laura didn't want any because we seriously miscalculated either our food allocation or our appetites. the two of us devoured our meal meant for four. well, we did leave a few carrots. to be polite.

also tonight, gaby's keys are missing in action, and all the translating that gaby and laura spent all day and into the night working on yesterday could not be found in the computer. and right now, i'm losing the ability to stay awake. javi did, however, find my lost sock from our last laundry day and gaby found two euro when she was looking for her keys.

gaby has stopped snoring. it's time for me to go to sleep.

coming soon: photos from yesterday's Walk Amongst the Italians and Matteo's Magical Dinner. stay tuned.

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