Friday, May 16, 2008

bumps in the road

i'm finally about to go to bed.
it's 2 am.
we've had no hot water this week until this afternoon, which means that tonight i took my first hot shower since monday. and when i say shower, i'm not talking about the american-type shower. the shower head does not come out of the wall high above. we have a tub, and attached to the tap is a hand-held shower head in addition to the faucet. there is no shower curtain, so in order to prevent a lake from forming on the bathroom floor, one must sit in the tub to take a shower. when there is no hot water, i find myself squatting in the bathtub, hunched near the faucet from which the cold water is running, naked and goose-pimply and timidly splashing frigid water at all the important bits. not exactly the shower experience any of us hoped for after a long day of rehearsal. thanks to gaby's tenacity, the owner of the building made sure we didn't face a weekend of this brutal bathing.

this morning was difficult. there was a bit of an emotional train wreck at rehearsal and the whole process came to a screeching halt. ej watched as personal issues, insecurities, misunderstandings and different ways of working collided. it was messy. and painful. after a long period of silence and a few sessions of tears, things were back on track in time for lunch. the afternoon quickly became the evening as we worked each and every sound cue with ej. it was almost as exhausting as the morning, but we got a lot done. ej rose to the occasion of all our music and sound effect requests. he was a real trooper today. piece by piece, the show is finally coming together. the other good news of the day was that laura had a very good audition for a film this morning. she was cooking us dinner tonight at her house when she found out that she got a call-back. to top it off, we had delicious wine to go with her delicious dinner. buonissimo!

i found out that i've run out of space in my computer, so i won't be able to add photos to my blog until i've bought some blank cds to clean out old photos and make room for what i have waiting in my camera. tomorrow we have the day off. hopefully, tomorrow i buy cds.


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