Saturday, May 24, 2008

think good thoughts

sooooooo, i didn't make rehearsal at all yesterday. i slept most of the day as if i hadn't slept in years. i felt guilty about not being there for rehearsal, but was convinced that with a full day of rest, i'd be as right as rain for saturday.

and here we are at saturday. i started the day early in the morning with a case of the runs and vomiting. oh boy. up and down the stairs, over and over again. this is not what i was hoping for. i texted laura to tell her what's up, and she immediately called a doctor. apparently, it's not uncommon for doctors to make house calls here. the doctor was here in a matter of minutes and i called laura to have her explain my symptoms to her. it was determined that i do in fact have a virus, and that i'm not alone in milan. a bug is going around. what a wonderful souvenir! "when in rome...", and all that. anyway, the doctor checked me out, gave me a shot on my bum for the vomiting, prescribed medication for the runs, and wrote down the things that i should be eating. i'm enjoying some lovely boiled potato and carrot as i write this. it's better than the rice cakes i'd been munching on yesterday.

so, i'm alone in the loft. everyone is at rehearsal. our show opens tomorrow night. worried? noooo. concerned? not at all.
so what if i've missed the last three days of rehearsal before opening. i'm sure nothing important happened during them anyway. if i can just get my bodily explosions under control by show time, i'll be a happy camper. other than that, it's all a piece of cake, right? RIGHT?

i do have a few photos from healthier days that i now have the time and energy to upload. it was requested that we do a publicity shot, and frankly, i thought most of them were pretty hilarious. here are a few. i thought it would be fun to have ej walking by listening to music since he's the sound designer. and luckily, i brought my bozo-the-clown hair.

the cover for our upcoming album.

clinging to the fence was not easy.

we wanted to look cool, but instead we look constipated.

i think this is my favorite.

javi's boyfriend, oscar, is visiting and was kind enough to be our photographer.

waiting for clothes to wash at laura's. that couch puts a magical sleeping spell on anyone who sits on it.

gaby took ej and i to one of the best pizza places in milan, and now i can't remember what it's called. they do a thin crust that melts in your mouth. simple, fresh, so good! this is what i shared with gaby.

this is ej's funghi pizza. we were happy to help him with it.

back at the performance space, we try on our costumes for the first time. ej played some music and we danced. i call this "Poetry in Motion".

i love this shot that gaby took of laura.

clearly, ej is impressed with all that he sees.

gaby's new headshot.

ej starts a trend in milan.

say, "ciao, ciao!"

since our performance space is adjacent to a bar/restaurant, we sometimes indulge in a little afternoon cafe americani. just to get us through.

the camera provides hours of fun.

i was chowing down on a tasty chocolate croissant. unfortunately, i would be seeing that croissant again later that night.

shrinking bookends

i had decided a while ago that my character was going to smoke. this is right after i actually lit and smoked a cigarette. yup. took to it like a fish to water.

none of us are smokers, but we like to play.

and that was the end of the photos before the darkness of The Virus. tomorrow we open. think good thoughts.

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