Tuesday, May 27, 2008

which do you want first?

the good news is that the play went better last night. i was able to get my head out of worrying about upcoming cues (for the most part anyway) and focus on really being there. i need practice, practice, practice. and luckily we'll get that all week long. it is strange getting used to the audience being in such close proximity to us. it's as if they're another character in the play and they didn't show up for rehearsals until opening night. weird. oh, and we're performing the play barefoot on a smooth concrete floor and i noticed that if i'm not careful, my flat feet (not even a hint of an arch) can occasionally make a small farting noise when i walk. maybe i should've put that in the "bad news" paragraph.

the bad news is that my nyc roommates have just given me a 6 day notice that they're moving out. and they want their deposit back. and they offered me their bed-bug ridden bed.

life is funny, yes?

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Apak said...

Congrats and good job, Sandra! I'm so sorry to hear that you got sick... Hope you get better soon and have a happy tummy!