Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a quickie

i only have a few moments before i run off to rehearsal, but i thought i'd take this opportunity since i was able to actually log on to the internet for once. the play is challenging. i had some sort of breakdown trying to get thru one of my monologues on monday. i was so frustrated with myself that i was continually critiquing every move, every word i spoke. in between moments of judging myself, i was also questioning whether or not i even wanted to continue to act, all thru tears, while i was trying to speak. what a mess. monday was not a good day. to top it off, the day started with a cold shower because we're having hot water issues here at the loft, and i found out that my brooklyn roommates may have let one of their friends crash in my bed. this is the bed that was left with clean sheets for when my own friends ayumi and aaron arrive in ny this week. ugh.

yesterday was better. ej arrived! and now i must run. off into the great unknown.

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