Sunday, May 25, 2008

opening night

it happened and we survived.

i made it through a run-through of the play and then followed it with our opening night performance. i wouldn't say i was at the top of my game, but i was able to hit my marks and speak my lines, for the most part. there were a couple spots where i was a little lost as to where we were in the play or where i was supposed to be next and my body was tired and feeling the after-effects of the virus, but overall, it went pretty well. especially considering that this was the very first time we were able to run it all the way through without the pounding music from the adjacent restaurant or bartenders walking through the space in the middle of a quiet monologue. it was almost weird to able to hear each other so well.

ej did a fantastic job with the music and sound effects. he was on top of every cue. and the audience seemed appreciative of our hard work, which is always nice.

i feel as if i've run a marathon. it's 2:14 am. i've taken my medicine. and now i'm going to sleep. buona notte.

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